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Affordable Housing
Systems Map


Throughout their program year, the Class of 2022 tracked the barriers seen across the Affordable Housing spectrum at both the individual and system level. The class asked themselves:

What kind of a barrier is it?

Does it exist at the individual or system level?

Where on the housing spectrum does it fall?

Each barrier was then mapped across the affordable housing spectrum to create the systems map below. 


Included in this mapping is a further categorization by type of barrier: 

Attitudinal, Cultural, Communication, Economic, Educational, Gender,

Physical, Policy, Systemic and/or Technological.

Affordable Housing Barriers Map

The map below is not meant to serve as a complete master list of all barriers within the affordable housing system. It is simply a collection and mapping of those barriers that the class became aware of during their social innovation lab project. It is intended to be a living document that can be added to, adjusted or reframed as our knowledge and community evolves. 

Download a PDF of the map.

AH Barrier Map LWR Class of 2022.jpg

Notice a missing barrier that you'd like to add to our map? Please e-mail Bethan with the details!

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