Photo of streetscape in Waterloo Region showing various housing types


The Class of 2021 developed six unique recommended solutions that can be scaled up and out within Waterloo Region, or in communities across the country. 

Black and white photo of a community housing building

Photo: Region of Waterloo

Community Housing Action Group

Developing a Community Housing Action Group, a coordinated group of people that are in alignment around the need for a Community Housing model, in order to create opportunities for multiple community housing models to be used across the region.

Housing Innovation Fund

The Housing Innovation Fund is a proposed new and dynamic affordable housing funding mechanism that would primarily be funded through a regional tax levy on property taxes. The HIF would be a fund that would be jointly managed by the Regional Housing Services Division and the Regional Economic Development Division at Regional Council’s discretion.

Info graphic demonstrating 13 coffees annually per household will result in $5.8M in funding
Black and white photo of an elderly man sitting in his home in a recliner.

Humanizing Affordable Housing

Develop a campaign would help to raise awareness to the current housing needs specific to Waterloo Region. Focus on the humans behind the challenges to shift the current and inaccurate perception of the problem.

New Canadian Employment Database

Build a database that supports both new immigrants looking for employment, who have limited or no English but are ready to work, as well as connecting employers who are looking for skilled and unskilled labourers.

Black and white photo of a construction site
Black and white photo, silhouette of a person with a megaphone

Time is Now Community Advocacy Network

Behoove the policy makers and leaders in the community to respond to a Call to Action for an equitable framework for Affordable Housing within our community

Waterloo Region Land Declaration

Adopt a change in mentality and assist Waterloo Region in developing a clear vision to uphold the human right to housing.  If we can successfully encourage the Regional Municipality of Waterloo to take a unified approach to the preservation of land, while utilizing more socially conscious developers, such as co-op unions, Waterloo Region can become a national or even international example for addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Black and White photo of vacant land next to developed land with houses from Waterloo Region