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Meet The Class of 2022!

Allison Henshall_edited.jpg

Allison Henshall

City of Waterloo

Blair Hiseler_edited.jpg

Blair Hiseler

Enbridge Gas Inc.

Hala Alzain_edited.jpg

Hala Alzain

Canadian Arab Women's Association

Jessica Chong_edited.jpg

Jessica Chong

House of Friendship

Katie McQuaid_edited.jpg

Katie McQuaid


Nancy Corbett_edited.jpg

Nancy Corbett

Region of Waterloo

Tara Ross_edited.jpg

Tara Ross

Stackpole International

Andrew Portwine_edited.jpg

Andrew Portwine

Region of Waterloo

Brent Garcia_edited.jpg

Brent Garcia

City of Kitchener

Jaclyn Rodrigues_edited.jpg

Jaclyn Rodrigues

City of Kitchener

Jodi Spall_edited.jpg

Jodi Spall

Postability Inc.

Leah Goetz-Bryant_edited.jpg

Leah Goetz-Bryant

Bimbo Bakehouse Inc.

Ritu Shah_edited.jpg

Ritu Shah

Region of Waterloo

Vanessa Allen_edited.jpg

Vanessa Allen

Region of Waterloo

Ben Godin.jpg

Ben Godin

City of Waterloo

Catherine McCall_edited.jpg

Catherine McCall

Region of Waterloo

Jamie Moffatt_edited.jpg

Jamie Moffatt

Aecon Group Inc.

Julie Hause_edited.jpg

Julie Hause

Strong Start

Leslie Hepditch_edited.jpg

Leslie Hepditch

City Waterloo

Sara Clarke_edited.jpg

Sara Clarke

Libro Credit Union

Ben Sauder_edited.jpg

Ben Sauder

Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region

David Guerin_edited.jpg

David Guerin

Wesley United Church

Jason Murray_edited.jpg

Jason Murray

Waterloo Regional Police Service

Kathy Crossley_edited.jpg

Kathy Crossley

Libro Credit Union

Morris Eddy_edited.jpg

Morris Eddy

Air Boss of America

Susan Grant_edited.jpg

Susan Grant

University of Waterloo

Want to contact one of our Class Members?

We're happy to connect you! Simply reach out to Bethan and she'll take it from there!

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