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The Core Program

The Community Leadership Development Program is at the Core of what we do. That’s why we call it the Core Program. It is designed to achieve our main objective: to ignite rising leaders to make positive change in Waterloo Region. How do we do that? We encourage, empower, enable and equip participants through practical and experiential learning opportunities.

The Core Program helps participants acquire both a broader understanding of the critical issues affecting our community and the leadership skills necessary to resolve them. This program prepares participants for the challenges of their own life-long leadership journeys, builds leadership skills, and develops an awareness of the rich opportunities for leadership in Waterloo Region.

In 2019 staff, partners and volunteers overhauled the Core Program to maximize the impact on our participants and on our community.

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For You

  • Ignite your leadership skills

  • Learn about critical issues facing Waterloo Region

  • Become a more valuable employee

  • Understand the history of your community

  • Be a part of a diverse, passionate, engaged network of over 485 alumni

  • Learn how to refine your personal impact goals

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For Employers

  • Staff gain enhanced workplace applicable leadership skills and techniques to manage conflict, understand inclusivity and leading through change

  • Employers are recognized as being committed to growing their leaders, to become engaged community leaders

  • Ability to host a class (COVID-permitting) and speak about your business and how you engage with the community

  • Access to a network of committed, educated and talented alumni

  • Ability to attend certain Leadership Days


For Our Community

  • Group of committed community leaders to serve as Board members and volunteers

  • Actionable solutions generated to impact a key area of need (i.e. affordable housing)

  • A talented group of leaders who can be called upon to help develop and implement solutions to community issues

  • Leadership that can be tapped for governmental task forces and commissions

  • Well-informed citizens who are motivated to engage in public service, and even run for public office

Guiding Framework

There are four key areas of impact that the Core Program focuses its work:

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Recruitment for our incoming Class of 2024 will begin in early 2023. Click the button below to check out all of our resources, including our FAQ, topics and more! 

If you have specific questions, please contact Diane Wiles, our CEO. She's looking forward to hearing from you! 

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