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Photo of streetscape in Waterloo Region showing various housing types


The Class of 2022 developed another six unique recommended solutions that can be scaled up and out within Waterloo Region, or in communities across the country. 

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Photo: Region of Waterloo

Mobility and Transit

Free transit for everyone. At a bare minimum, we’d like to see the pre-pandemic public transit service made fare-free to offer the highest level of mobility to everyone in the community.

Registered Home Buyers
Savings Plan

The Registered Home Buyers Savings Plan is the proposed solution to combat the problem of being able to save for a down payment.  It is a savings plan designed to help people accelerate their savings for their first home through a government matching program.

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Housing Liaison

How can we overcome barriers to getting funding to Non-Profits, Faith-Based and Indigenous Organizations to increase low-income housing in Waterloo Region?

Home Sharing in 
Waterloo Region

Our Region, like the rest of Canada, faces an aging population. Senior citizens over the age of 65 years old are predicted to make up an increasingly large percentage of our population in the years to come. Many, but not all, of those individuals are living independently in a home whose size may exceed their everyday needs. 

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Wrap-Around Supports

Develop a framework for enhanced collaboration and interaction between organizations operating in the health, housing and mental health systems and deliver timely and comprehensive wraparound supports to individuals who need them. The solution is not looking to reinvent any one specific system or portion of it, but rather function as the grease in the gears of multiple systems that already exist in Waterloo Region with dedicated front-line people working within them.

Tri-City Nanohood

This solution proposes building a tiny home/shipping container community, a nanohood, that provides transitional housing and complete support (e.g. health/mental health supports, education and employment upgrade/supports) for those suffering from homelessness in Waterloo Region.

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