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Affordable Housing
Systems Map


Throughout their program year, the Class of 2021 tracked the key players and actors that they learned of, worked with, spoke to or heard from. They mapped these actors, both organizations and individuals across eight key categories. 

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Support Providers

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Lived Experience

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Circle with graduation cap to represent education


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Affordable Housing Actors Map

The map below is not meant to serve as a complete master list of all individuals and organizations engaged in the Affordable Housing space. It is simply a collection and mapping of those organizations and individuals that the class became aware of during their social innovation lab project. It is intended to be a living document that can be added to, adjusted or reframed as our knowledge and community evolves. 

LWR Actors Map

If you believe that there is a person, persons or an organization that is missing from this map, we would love to hear from you! Please e-mail Bethan with their name(s) and any roles they serve.

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